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The Goat Life: Is Raising Goats Right for Your Homestead?

Raising goats can be an exciting and rewarding venture for a family, offering a range of benefits that extend beyond just the production of milk and meat. However, before diving into the world of goat ownership, it's crucial to consider various factors to ensure a harmonious fit with your lifestyle and goals.

Empowering Farmers: A Guide to Training Livestock on Electric Netting

In the world of modern agriculture, electric netting has become an invaluable tool for farmers seeking efficient and effective ways to manage their livestock. This guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into the process of training livestock on electric netting, ensuring a safe and secure environment for both animals and farmers.

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Have You Seen the Cost of Eggs Lately?

With the cost of eggs skyrocketing it’s becoming more and more difficult to get this kitchen staple. Luckily raising your own chickens is super easy. Here’s how to start your own chicken farm.

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Chicks and Ticks

Chickens are quick to eat up anything that moves or quivers along the ground. This includes adult ticks, flea eggs, and mosquito larvae.

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Backyard Chickens: Why You Should Implement Rotational Grazing

Rotational Grazingis the practice of moving grazing livestock from pasture (sometimes referred to as "Paddock") to pasture on a regular basis. This method has been used by famers around the globe for years, but is it really practical for raising chickens in your backyard? The short answer is yes! We'll explain...

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Economic Advantages of Backyard Chicken Farming

In an era marked by rising food costs and a growing desire for self-sufficiency, backyard chicken farming has emerged as a viable solution for individuals and families seeking to reduce their reliance on commercial food sources.

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Spring Bounty: Choosing the Best Crops for Your Homestead Garden

As the winter frost fades and the days grow longer, spring offers a fertile opportunity for homesteaders to breathe life into their gardens. Selecting the right crops for the spring season sets the stage for a bountiful harvest and ensures a steady supply of fresh produce throughout the warmer months.

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Unlocking the Potential: 10 Innovative Uses of Electric Netting for Your Farm or Homestead

Electric netting has emerged as a dynamic tool, offering a plethora of benefits to farmers and homesteaders across diverse agricultural landscapes.

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