A chicken eating behind a Starkline electric poultry net without a care in the world. He's safe now!

Poultry Netting

    Of all the farm livestock animals, chickens are among some of the most vulnerable to predator attacks. This is why you need to take extra precautions when protecting them. The best line of defense for any chicken coop is a fence made of poultry netting. With smaller openings closer to the ground and larger as they go up, Starkline’s poultry netting fences are designed to contain chickens of all ages and sizes while keeping larger predators out.

    Because of its small gaps and high fence lines, poultry netting is useful for more than just chickens. Many farm animals can easily be contained and protected by a quality net for poultry. So don’t hesitate—buy some poultry fence netting, build your new enclosure, and ensure your livestock is protected for years to come.