sheep & goat electric netting
Premium Sheep & Goat Netting
sheep & goat electric netting
sheep & goat electric netting
sheep & goat electric netting
sheep & goat electric netting
sheep & goat electric netting
Premium Sheep & Goat Netting

Premium Sheep & Goat Netting

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Premium 35" Sheep & Goat Netting


Discover the convenience and efficiency of our prefabricated Electric Sheep & Goat Netting - the ultimate solution for protecting your livestock without the hassle. This netting fence unrolls effortlessly into a ready-to-charge electric fence system, eliminating the need for wires, connectors, or posts. Safeguarding your herd has never been faster or easier!

Key features:

  • Keeps your sheep, goats, and other medium to large livestock secure and contained.
  • Keeps out unwanted intruders such as deer, bear, raccoons, rabbits, foxes, coyotes, skunks, and more.
  • Sets up in mere minutes, providing you with instant peace of mind.
  • Easily move the netting to rotate grazing areas, promoting healthier pastures.
  • Versatile enough to serve as a permanent or temporary fencing solution.
  • Engineered with robust construction, including sturdy fiberglass posts and vertical support struts.

Whether you're managing a farm or tending to your backyard, our Electric Netting is the perfect addition to your setup. Its 35" x 164' dimensions ensure extensive coverage for your livestock.

Premium Sheep & Goat Netting Specs:

  • Includes 14 preinstalled fiberglass posts evenly spaced at 12'6" intervals.
  • The mesh comprises 9 horizontal strands, with 8 conductive strands and reinforced plastic vertical struts evenly spaced every 7 inches. This design guarantees rigidity and strength, preventing any sagging issues.
  • To ensure optimal performance, an energizer of at least 0.15 joules is required for every 164' of fencing. A stronger energizer is required if there will be vegetation touching netting. 
  • For full portability, we recommend pairing with a solar fence energizer.
  • The Positive / Negative version is designed for dry soil types and for those who prefer not to attach a grounding rod to their electric netting system.

Take the stress out of livestock protection with our innovative Electric Sheep & Goat Netting. Get yours now and experience the ease of keeping your animals safe and sound.

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Click below to watch a video version of our Starkline Netting instructions:


Otherwise you can find the PDF version of our written instructions Here.

Haga clic a continuación para ver una versión en video de nuestras instrucciones de la cerca Starkline en Español:

With your plot and the right Starkline products, the possibilities are endless. Read our FAQs below to learn about our solutions, then choose products that fit your yard, field or farm.



What is electric netting?

Starkline Electric Netting is a prefabricated electric fence system that provides reliable protection and containment for pets & livestock, as well as areas under threat by invasive animals. When ground-based animals contact the netting they feel a short, high-voltage pulse of electricity. Animals quickly learn to avoid contact, and thus the netting acts as a mental barrier as well as a physical barrier. We offer solutions to contain chickens, sheep, goats, horses, household pets, or livestock; as well as exclusion options to protect crops, gardens, beehives, and other plots from nuisance animals.

How does electric netting work?

The Starkline solution consists of a roll of netting, an energizer and connectors, lightweight posts, and a ground rod to ensure proper performance. The whole system takes under 10 minutes to install and is ready to work right away. Watch our step-by-step installation video.

How is Starkline netting different from electric fence?

Traditional electric fencing is costly and time-consuming to set up. It’s commonly used by large-scale ranchers and farmers who want to electrify existing permanent fences. These electric fencing solutions require you to install a complex combination of conductive wires, tapes, insulators, posts and energizers. By contrast, Starkline is designed for simplicity. Our products can be set up in under 10 minutes with no need for technical tools or existing fence posts. Ideal for backyard garden plots, chicken coops and small-scale agriculture, Starkline netting products are pre-configured for particular animals in particular conditions.

Is electric netting safe?

Starkline electric netting is safe. When used properly, it does no lasting harm to animals or people. Electric netting provides a short, high-voltage pulse of electricity when touched, which acts as a deterrent to animals contacting it repeatedly. As with any product involving electricity, precautions need to be taken to ensure netting is used in a safe and humane way. COMMON SENSE PRECAUTION: Young children or toddlers should never be left unattended where electrified netting products are in use, as they could come in extensive contact with, or become entangled in, the product.

How large an area can netting contain?

Our standard-size netting products cover an area sufficient for your animals’ movement, while remaining portable enough to expand or move for grazing rotation. Depending on how you choose to install your Starkline netting, a single netting roll can contain an area up to 1600 sq. ft. and as small as 400 sq. ft. Netting rolls can be connected together in increments of 82’ or 164’ to provide a larger area of protection.

What are Starkline All-In-One Kits? 

Starkline is designed to get you started fast with all the pieces you need in one purchase. For common needs, such as containing a chicken coop or keeping rabbits out of a backyard garden, a Starkline All-in-one Kit is the perfect solution. Pick your kit and we send you everything you need, including step-by-step instructions for use.

I need something specific. How do I buy the right pieces?

Starkline sells netting and energizers separately to create a netting system for your unique situation. Follow these steps to assemble the pieces you need.


Starkline netting varies by height, hole size, number of posts, and materials. Choose netting based on what you’re trying to protect, the size of your flock, and how much space you have to work with. We make netting for a range of specific protection needs: poultry netting, sheep and goat netting, horse netting, and all-purpose netting for gardens, orchards, marijuana, beehives and more. Consult our product pages for details about the height, design, and coverage area of each net. 



Starkline gives you a choice between solar-powered energizers or AC/DC plug-in energizers. Both types of energizers work with all Starkline netting products. Solar energizers give you the most flexibility, allowing you to set up and move your protection virtually anywhere without plugging into an electrical outlet. More powerful AC/DC energizers plug into any standard outlet or extension cord and allow you to protect a larger plot. For a brief history of this option, see here.

Still have questions? Contact us anytime.

How Do I Select An Energizer?

New to electric netting and energizers? Don't worry! The process of selecting the right energizer for you is actually pretty simple. Below, we've created a short framework that lays out all the info you need to know.

4 Things You'll Need To Know To Select The Right Energizer:

What type of animal(s) are you trying to contain or repel? 

  • The amount of power needed to let a bear know that it's too close to your campsite is a lot different than the power needed to contain and raise chicks. Each of our energizers is rated for the type of animal it can control.

How far does your netting need to go?

  • In other words, how large of an area does the netting need to enclose? Each of our energizers are rated for how many miles they can maintain their voltage for.

How much vegetation (weeds, undergrowth) will be coming in contact with your electric netting?

  • When vegetation comes in contact with any of the live wires on the electric netting, some power gets drained from the rig. Especially when there is vegetation over quite a long distance, the effectiveness of the electric netting may decrease. Each of our energizers has a distance rating broken up by "no vegetation" "low vegetation" "medium vegetation" and "High vegetation".

Pictured: Energizer with DC power

What type of power source is best for your needs?

  • The energizers we offer have 1 of 3 power sources:

    • AC (plugs into a wall or generator)
      • Great for use at your barn or around home, but not ideal in a remote area.
    • DC (plug into an external battery, i.e. a car battery)
      • Great for remote locations, however the batteries will need to be re-charged time to time. Keeping multiple batteries and swapping them out on the charger can help minimize power shut-offs.
    • Solar (no need to re-charge!)
      • Solar powered energizers are great for electric netting set ups that are remote, temporary, or require a lot of rotation. Essentially, it works the same as a DC energizer but without the need to re-charge or replace batteries.


Now you're the expert! Click here to select the right energizer for you.


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    I recommend this product

    Premuim Sheep z7 Goat netting

    Great!! Easy to install.

    Scott C.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Sheep netting

    Honestly I don’t know why anyone would buy different ones. Fantastic product.

    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Sheep and goat fence

    I have used the competition’s fence and now this as the other brand is never in stock- highly satisfied! I have not found a functional difference yet, materials differences do not seem to be significant, the bucks respect it, and it’s attractive. Overall a total win so far- the longevity test has only just begun, check back in about 5 years for the results (trust me I’ll let you know if there’s a significant failure before then)

    Jeremy L.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Good fence - mostly

    Overall, really good fans and good customer service. The only gripe I have is the posts that go on the ground bend easily and my ground isn’t that hard. Would have preferred more robust stakes to step on that wouldn't bend. And also, would be great to have a storage bag offered with product.

    Charlotte W.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Premium sheep and goat netting

    The biggest plus for this fencing is the step in prongs. I have the hardest, rockies soil and only bent a few. I love the sturdy plastic step piece. The biggest drawback was the vertical plastic spacers that hold things together. Goats are hard on things and broke a few at the bottom. Also, I needed to use tent stakes all around the bottom, or the goats would just get their nose under the black twine and push up and escape. Maybe recommend 2 stakes per section for animals you are training to the fence.