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Have You Seen the Cost of Eggs Lately?
With the cost of eggs skyrocketing it’s becoming more and more difficult to get this kitchen staple. Luckily raising your own chickens is super easy. Here’s how to start your own chicken farm.  First things first you gotta check your...
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Fitting the Fence to the Animal
So you need some electric netting but are unsure how to get started, you came to the right place. Let us walk you step by step, through the electric net buying process. We’ll help you with everything you need, from the...
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Chicks and Ticks
Can chickens help control the tick population in your backyard?  Yes, they can! Chickens are omnivores and healthy, happy chickens spend their days foraging for bugs. A flock of chickens allowed to free-range can significantly reduce the number of ticks and other insects in...
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