Premium Plus+ Braided 48" Poultry Netting
Premium Plus+ Braided 48" Poultry Netting
Premium Plus+ Braided 48" Poultry Netting
Premium Plus+ Braided 48" Poultry Netting

Premium Plus+ Braided 48" Poultry Netting

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 Premium Plus+ 48" Poultry Netting


 Starkline Premium Plus+ Netting features the same configuration as Premium Poultry Netting, but Premium Plus+ Netting uses high quality braided strands, as opposed to twisted strands.


Discover a world of advantages with Starkline Electric Netting, revolutionizing the way you care for your poultry. From providing a safe free-range environment to deterring predators, our netting system offers unparalleled benefits for both backyard homesteaders and professional farmers. Experience the ease of setup, versatility, and the ability to rotate pasture areas effortlessly. Designed for both permanent and temporary applications, Starkline Electric Netting is your key to healthier, happier, and better-fed poultry.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe Free-Range Haven: Give your poultry the freedom they deserve while ensuring their safety. Starkline Electric Netting provides a secure area for your birds to freely roam, promoting their natural behavior and overall well-being.
  • Healthier, Happier Poultry: Free-range poultry thrive with access to ample space, fresh forage, and varied nutrition. Starkline Electric Netting allows your flock to graze on diverse vegetation, resulting in healthier, happier birds and superior-quality eggs or meat.
  • Predator Deterrence: Protect your precious poultry from mink, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, skunks, and more. Our electric netting creates a formidable barrier, deterring predators and providing peace of mind for you and your feathered friends.
  • Swift Setup, Seamless Rotation: Enjoy the convenience of quick installation in mere minutes. Starkline Electric Netting is easily movable, enabling you to rotate pasture areas effortlessly. Keep your poultry happily grazing on fresh patches of land while maintaining optimal forage growth.
  • Tailored for All: Whether you're a backyard homesteader or a professional farmer, Starkline Electric Netting is designed to meet your needs. Its versatility caters to diverse applications, making it the ideal choice for both temporary and permanent setups.
  • Plus+ Netting is ideal for customers that frequently move the fencing, as the braided strands are less likely to snag when being carried or dragged across the ground. Braided strands offer higher conductivity with animals that contact the netting due to more of the conductive wires being exposed. *Please note that the top strand of Premium Plus+ Poultry Netting is twisted wire.

Elevate your poultry management with the benefits of Starkline Electric Netting. Embrace the advantages of safe free-range environments, predator deterrence, and effortless setup. Give your poultry the quality of life they deserve while reaping the rewards of healthier, happier, and better-fed birds.

Product Features:

Starkline Electric Poultry Netting includes our top of the line heavy-duty Fiberglass posts with heavy-duty 6” galvanized double-spiked stakes designed to provide rigid support in any environment.

164’ netting - 16 preinstalled fiberglass posts evenly spaced with 10’3” intervals.

100' netting - 11 preinstalled fiberglass posts evenly spaced with 10’ intervals.

The mesh is composed of 12 horizontal strands – 11 of which are conductive – with vertical struts evenly spaced every 3”. 

An energizer of at least 0.25 joules is recommended for Electric Poultry Netting to be effective. For fences that will be in contact with vegetation, we recommend a stronger energizer. For the electric net to be fully portable, we suggest pairing with a solar fence energizer.

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